Semen what?!

Homely Amoi gave me this link and not surprisingly it does wonders to curb my appetite today.

I’d rather try a cement recipe than that!


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February 24, 2010 at 2:09 pm 3 comments

The Swing


When his Babah decided to expose him to golf already, we decided it won’t be a serious one yet – just to let him have a feel of it and decide himself whether he likes it or not.

And I think he needs to brush up on his ‘mood swing’ more than anything else!


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February 23, 2010 at 11:53 am 9 comments

Of Bad Customer Service,

My intention is not to give bad name to the people involved, just my way to voice out my frustration with their customer service – since my email requesting better service was not taken seriously. In Malaysia, if things are not mentioned publicly, customers are always on the losing side.

It was my 2nd time ordering inners from The first time, the transaction went smooth eventhough I was not very happy with the one answering the emails. She was not courteous at all both times, no words of thank you for purchasing, even after receiving the payments. Please and thank yous were unheard of from them both times I ordered.

Second time around, one of the items I received was not what I ordered. I emailed them, requesting them to send me the right one. Yes, the item was marked as what I ordered so the flaws as what they claimed is on the production side. But of course, as a customer, I don’t care about what goes on behind the scene, right? I only should care about what I ordered, and what I should get.

Guess what they asked me to do? The email said, since the item that was wrongly sent costs RM5 more expensive than what I ordered (yes, the stuff doesn’t even cost more than RM20, mind you!) they ask me to send it back to them, then they’ll send me the correct item. I mean, I wouldn’t mind going through the hassle of sending the item back if it was my fault, or if I wanted to exchange or what-not. But it’s fully their fault and the cost is not THAT much, and they still expect me to do things for them… d-uhh!! The least they could do, if they really want the RM5-more-expensive-item back, is just send somebody to come and collect it from me since the owner lives near my place anyway. And yes, again, not even a word of please or sorry from them.

So, I hope you know customer service is what makes a product stand out from the rest. I’m not sure if I’ll be buying from you again, but I hope your service gets better with time so that other people won’t experience the same. Trust me, I’m not the only one complaining. I’ve heard several. And I’m sure there are people who prefers to keep mum or refuse to bother their minds over matters like this, so you are lucky with them. The least you could do for now, is to write much courteous emails to your customers, since that would not cost you another extra RM5 anyway.

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p.s. Everytime I ordered, I wasn’t ordering only 1 piece of the item, I actually ordered 7 to 8 items each time. The last email I sent stating I malas nak layan their policy and decided to just give away the wrongly sent inner which I did not like/ordered to someone else (sedekah lagi bagus), they did not even reply that email. Eksyen tak eksyen?

February 22, 2010 at 10:40 am 18 comments


We knew roaming charges could get really steep but we weren’t ready when it comes to a country not so commonly visited, unless work related. Uncommon definitely means extra money. Yes, we were aware of the charges by the local provider, but the charges by the visited country is the vague one.

A 3 minute call costs more than RM100 and a 13 minutes call is more than RM400. Madness! I could very much use the money for at least 2 pairs of shoes!

But because of my condition at that time, Mr. Hubs had no choice but to call several times to check. Until I am a bit stabilized, we resorted to skype calls to his hotel room (since his hotel room had no free internet access), and kept to only text messages during the day when he’s working.

Come to think of it, I’d rather pay a little bit of a bomb, with known fact one is within reach at anytime. At least until a certain limit I can afford lah, of course. Also, I’d rather not mention the total damage done. Not just 2, I could actually get __ pairs!! (feel free to fill in the blank)

Bunyi macam nak sedapkan hati sendiri tak? *sigh*

February 13, 2010 at 12:31 am 2 comments

Must Do

Visits to these places, *ehem* named AFTER me have been added to my to-do list.

February 12, 2010 at 10:30 pm Leave a comment

Missing you


2003 - The visit that triggered the word 'marriage'. 😉 Oooh... going through old photos is fun!

The boy had a hard time falling asleep tonight despite the fact that he doesn’t nap these days. Usually by 8.30 he’d doze off. But tonight he was tossing and turning. 

What’s wrong sayang?  

His answer would usually be a short ‘nothing’ if it really is nothing. This time he answered,  

I want Babah. 

Just to make him feel better, I sms-ed Mr. Hubs straightaway, and upon getting the reply, the boy immediately asked what his Babah wrote. In just about 10 minutes after, he fell asleep.

No wonder this afternoon when Mr. Hubs called, and he picked up the phone he sort of shouted (obviously he was not talking in normal tone then),  

Why are you so late Babah? When I say you come back, you come back now!  

Hahaha. Darling, you obviously have a nagging son (sensitive too!). And I strongly believe it does not come from me. *grins*  

February 12, 2010 at 12:52 am 5 comments

I’m OK :)

Using my old laptop gives me access to older photos! That's him at 6 months. 😉

I just have to say I loved the comments left for my previous entry. Really appreciate the kind thoughts. Also the calls, the smses, the emails… made me  feel not-so-alone anymore.

Just so you know, I am feeling much better, the cramps only come and go once in a while now.

Hearing my boy’s conversation with his Babah this afternoon melted my heart, and his Babah’s heart too,

Yes, I take care of Mama. I behave, Babah.


February 11, 2010 at 12:10 am 7 comments

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