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I’m not sure about you, but I consider myself on the ‘hairy’ side, thus I do have to do the necessary to make myself hair-less at *ehem* certain parts of my body.

I’ve waxed, shaved, threaded, tweezed… and the thing about waxing and threading is you can’t get it done at the comfort of your own home. Yes, you can do waxing at home, but it takes some effort and not as effective as getting it done at the salon. How effective can it be when at every stroke you’d cringe and decided not to pull the wax strips properly to avoid the pain? And yes, I usually get the itchy after-effect that usually lasts several days too.

Shaving is much easier, but the hair that grows back won’t be as fine as when you waxed or tweezed. Or so they say.

And tweezing the underarms really gives you neck pain, no? 😀

So a few months ago I decided to invest in an epilator, as above. That’s the exact model I bought. It can be used in the shower, cordless and is rechargeable. A little bit on the pricey side compare to other epilators, but I do think the cordless and rechargeable features are essential.

The verdict? You still need to cringe every time you epilate but you’d get used to it. After several attempts, the pain is not as bad as the previous (maybe because the hair that grows back is finer already).  Sometimes the epilation won’t be as smooth because it really depends on how long your hair is at the time, and I am still on a trial and error mode as when is the best time to epilate. But most of the time, it does its job well, and I am one satisfied customer. The best part is you can do it anytime, and if you’re like me who needs to really plan time to go to the salon, it’s really a heaven-sent!

Now I only need to visit the salon for threading of my eyebrows and upper lips, which does not need frequent visits at all!


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p.s. I still need courage to epilate the bikini line though. Ouch!


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