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Not even history

I am glad we had that talk yesterday. I’ve gotten the assurance I wanted so much to hear all these while.

Relieved. Forgotten. Free. Happy.

Thanks, you.


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Syawal 1430H

@ Mr. Hubs' grandparents - Baling, Kedah

@ Mr. Hubs' grandparents - Baling, Kedah

The mismatch of colour? I decided to put on the comfy cotton kurung irregardless of the colour because the weather was scorching hot! Besides, I’m not a fan of too matchy-matchy bajus either – colour clashes is so much better!

When one of the cousins asked me what’s our theme colour this year, I replied,

We don’t match, we only blend in.

Konon! Padahal tak blend in pun!

Imtiyaz was busy playing games on almost every handphone he can get his hands on, that we practically had to hold him tight to get this shot.

Journey back to kampung was not so smooth. Instead of the usual 3.5 hours to reach Penang, it took us around 6 hours this time. At one point, Imtiyaz needed the toilet and had to pee in a cut out chrysanthemum tea box. Hahaha.

We stopped by Kepala Batas to visit my grandmother and my mum and also paid a visit to my dad’s grave. After resting for several hours, it was another 2 hour journey to Baling. The ride was fun nevertheless. As long as its smooth, and you have great company, I’m sure any amount of travel is fun.

And of course, the end result is definitely worth the effort! *winks*

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Happy Pics

These are the photos I saved from Facebook, thanks to Man(mummy-o’s hubby) of Azman Hizam Photography.

I love, love, love how he captured the happy moments! Hope you don’t mind me displaying them here, Man!

Venue : Raz & Riz’s Kitchen, Bukit Jelutong











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September 17, 2009 at 3:50 pm 7 comments

Salam Lebaran


Momster & her boys would like to wish a very happy and blessed Eid to all muslims. Be safe wherever you are!

Happiness is not something you have in your hands; it is something you carry in you heart.

Have a good week, people!


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p.s. My attempt to create a simple card whilst in the office with the roving eyes of everyone behind me. Excuse me if it’s odd. *winks* Btw, I will still be in the office tomorrow, but hoping to escape early. Journey back to kampung will only commence on Saturday.

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He wants Malay


I haven’t updated on the boy’s progress for some time. Eversince he found out some cartoons on Cartoon Network have the language option, he would always change it to the Malay language. I take it as his own initiative to *ehem* brush up his language, eventhough the translation can be rubbish sometimes.

When at first I thought it was just a matter of listening, and not understanding, he proved me wrong. Last two days, out of nowhere, he said,

Maaf, Babah.

What is maaf? (Mr. Hubs was testing him)

Maaf is Sorry.

He managed some really good English-Malay translation whenever we asked him. And it amazes me when most of the time the translation is of only one definite word.

But of course, when he doesn’t know, he’ll simply make up his own.

ie. The cartoon was yelling, “Saya gembira! Saya gembira!” So I asked,

What is gembira?

Gembira is Bird.



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September 17, 2009 at 1:07 pm 4 comments

When the heart says so

heart cartoon 

Today in the office, a close colleague of mine displayed a positive change to us all. It was not unexpected, but it wasn’t expected as well. At least not so soon. But we like it anyway – so, Congratulations, you!

I guess when the heart says so, nothing is impossible. One who forgets, can be snapped into reality. One who’s angry, can be cooled. One who’s impatient, can withstand the greatest test. One who dictates, can follow. One who hates, can love.

The heart, after all, symbolizes love. And love, conquers all.

Have a lovey dovey weekend, all!


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September 11, 2009 at 1:43 pm 1 comment

Not Meant to Be

We’ve been contemplating whether we should proceed with the planned trip to Bali this December. In the beginning, our concern was only the H1N1 (what else is new?), then came the earth quake, and now this >

I guess Bali is just not meant to be. The first time we planned was way back when Mr. Hubs was working in Qatar – had to cancel because his scheduled trip home had to be delayed.

Sorry n.i., maybe next time huh? (eventhough I’ve sort of decided Bali won’t be in the list of future vacations anymore. haha.)

Cuti-cuti Malaysia jom


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September 9, 2009 at 11:50 am 10 comments

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