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At Ease

Despite the ‘bomb’ we had to pay for the car compressor this month, and the news that my company freezed 2009 salary review for all countries… I am surprisingly at ease.

Maybe because after a month of having some kinda ‘help’ (and headache too!), I am yet again – ‘bibik-less’. (read comment on for a clearer picture of the situation – ‘she’ definitely does not deserve an entry of her own)

Or maybe because all these hiccups along the way is just what we need to always have our feet planted firmly on the ground. 🙂


June 30, 2009 at 12:13 pm 8 comments

Utterly Comely – updated!


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ind a JIRA issues and test that the issue that has been solved

June 29, 2009 at 2:42 pm 2 comments

Irky-Wirky Me Part IV

I didn’t want to comment about this, and I avoided talking about ‘them‘ – just because I’ve had enough. But seeing the photo of so many of ‘them’ at their embassy – claiming they have been abused… I just need to write, and hopefully I’ll be read.

  • How many of us had Indonesian maids who stayed just for a short while, and then fled?
  • How many of us had Indonesian maids who breached the 2-years contract, and when not given the full pay – claimed we did not pay them?
  • How many of us had Indonesian maids who sneaked out of the house at night to meet their lover – and at the same time sneaked out some food, and valuables for the so-called lover to enjoy?
  • How many of us had Indonesian maids who leaves the children on their own at home?
  • How many of us had Indonesian maids who abuses the children?
  • How many of us had Indonesian maids who steals?
  • How many of us gave unlimited access to food & drinks in the house to the Indonesian maids, only to hear them telling people they are not given anything to eat?

I can list out so many more from stories I’ve heard. One can be lucky and get a good maid straightaway. But there are more unlucky ones than lucky, I’m sure! I have been to Indonesia several times, and I have to say those who stayed in their own country and able to find a job for themselves, are definitely the good ones. But those who decided to come here, I am not quite sure what are their intentions, seriously. To get a laid-back job with better pay, perhaps?

I am not one to judge as a whole. All I want, is for the government to at least listen to the people. Just because they’ve never had the bad luck with maids like most of us, then we are to blame.

When a maid gets abused, it’s in all major papers. When a maid fled from the house, stealing valuables as well, and police report is being made, the police can only say,

Memang banyak maid lari, especially orang Medan.

Fullstop. No action. Just a piece of paper for record (which we have to pay RM2 for it, of course!).

Next up, to the immigration to cancel the maid’s permit. Hey, guess what? The employer has to pay a fine! Not RM10, but RM250! What if you only have RM250 worth of cash and the maid stole the last of it?


That’s YOUR problem, you know?!

p.s. Just for the sake of saving ‘them’ from the sin of lying to their own embassy, maybe they SHOULD be abused! 😛

June 26, 2009 at 12:40 pm 20 comments

Imaginary Canvas

Lately, I noticed Imtiyaz moving his fingers in the act of drawing/colouring something, mid air. He’ll say he’s colouring, or drawing patterns on the lift doors, or colouring the trees he sees as he walk, or re-painting cars along the way…

… and this morning, on the way to mum’s (this morning he was wide awake in the car because he woke up at 4am – slept since 6pm yesterday!) he was in the midst of colouring or drawing something (I reckon it’s the trees along the highway, or maybe some signboards), when he raised his voice slightly at Mr. Hubs who was driving :

Babahhhhh! Why you have to move the car? Now I colour outside the line already!

He kept quiet when I told him if Babah don’t move(drive) the car, we won’t be able to reach Siti’s house. 😛

*ehem* An artist or an architect in the making, perhaps?!

June 26, 2009 at 10:42 am 7 comments

Good Attempt

One of his development I am very much happy with, is his attempt to express himself in BM nowadays. His latest try last Saturday was telling my sister’s maid he just had a haircut :

While pulling up strands of hair, he told Mak Et :

Ini, putus.

Extremely funny, but a good try, nevertheless. I’m sure he’ll do much better in time.

June 22, 2009 at 10:20 am 12 comments

Robots in Disguise

It doesn’t help that it’s been sold everywhere, and the boy knows about it!

He saw an ad in the newspaper with huge graphics (that says they’re gonna be sold at Petr**** stations), and I had to explain to him it’s only available on the 26th.

And now, every single time we go out, he’d ask?

Where are we going Mama? To Petr****? 26th already?

It doesn’t help that the characters remain the same, and he already have the major ones at home since ages ago.Why need more?

But of course, those are old news to him already – just like women and clothes.

June 18, 2009 at 1:40 pm 4 comments

Irky-Wirky Me Part III

During casual conversation, be it future plans, down to the simplest activity we do together as family such as taking the kid to the park on weekends, even about washing the car ourselves instead of sending it to the car wash (???) – often gets this in return from the other party :

anak sorang boleh laa…

One kid or a dozen – if there’s a will, there’s a way, right? It’s not MY problem you missed taking your planning pill, or your IUD fell off, you know!

June 17, 2009 at 10:08 am 10 comments

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