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Away for a bit

For the next 5 days, I’ll be in Kerteh doing support for one of the major oil and gas company.

I just hope everything would go smoothly (… and not a sleepless one), so that I can be home a.s.a.p., or maybe for the family to join me there for the weekend. And yes, during this rainy season, Imtiyaz came home from school and decided he wanted to go to a hotel, and also the beach!

Must be from sharing school holiday details with the friends…


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When my sister came up with the idea to get all 3 of both our sons circumsised this year, I thought I should start telling Imtiyaz about it, eventhough I am not certain if it is the right time to do it this year. 🙂

I guess I scared him out of his wits by saying all boys need to have their penis cut! Hahaha. Tried to explain using the simplest term and it’s not easy, you know!

I did say if he had his ‘penis cut’, he’ll be able to follow both his Babah and me go solat in Makkah. As if he’d understand! 😛

He was quiet for a while, deep in thought. Then he asked,

Mama, cut with what?


Not scissors, maybe just a shot of laser lights… but only a little bit. But you can’t do it yourself ok, only doctors can do it!

I had this fear he might attempt ‘cutting’ it himself! Hehehe.

That was a few days ago.

This morning, in the car, he woke up and was quiet for a while. No mention of penis, or scissors whatsoever from either side. But suddenly, he said,

Mama, I don’t wanna cut my penis.

Uh-ohhh… a nightmare, perhaps? Now I really wished I’ve had it done when he was born… that would be so much easier!

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Not me, the blog. 🙂

I have been a little bit caught up with work, which explains the lack of (ehem!) enthusiasm to update this blog. Though truthfully, nothing much to update.

But I’ve been wanting to write about mummy-0’s baby shower last Sunday which was so much fun! With the theme ‘Something B’, I wore a black top, which was naturally, the easiest, and came up with my own definition of ‘Black is Beautiful… I’m not!’.

The best dressed went to a ‘Bride yang belum siap’ which wore a really nice long white dress complete with a tiny head gear and veil. I also loved the mummy and baby ‘Bandits’ combo. Too bad I didn’t have any photos. Lately, my relationship with the camera has turned a little bit sour… plain lazy, I guess!

Mummy-o’s sisters even dressed up as a ‘Baby’ (complete with diaper and pacifier) and a ‘Ballerina’. Her daughter was a ‘Baby Bride’. Such thoughtful family members, and I sure do love their creativity in the games arena!

I especially loved the ‘guess the size of mummy-o’s tummy’! All we had to do was cut a strand of wool thread to the length of how big her tummy is… and yes, I didn’t win. I guessed a tad too big. 😉

But hey, at least I got a prize for guessing the number of booties and mittens in the container! Actual amount is 79, and I guessed 78! Not bad, huh? A stripey wristlet is mine to keep now, together with the pucci-print-alike handphone case/coin purse door gift too, of course!

It was a really well-organized and intimate event which definitely lit up the already-smiling expecting mummy’s face!

So now, I only have to worry about next week’s trip (which is still not confirmed), to Kerteh, and maybe my first-ever assignment – offshore! Yikes!

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How time flies…


Shasha came up with the idea-a birthday wish on the board for Aunt Zetty in London! 🙂


Credits to Shasha's photo album (Facebook)

… and it’s the weekend again! Photos of the playdates for the kids + baby shower for Dydd & Enal + Adib’s 4th birthday celebration at Shasha’s house last Monday.

We had a great time, the new babies behaved extremely well (bravo Rania, Anggun & Arissa!), the toddlers behaved somewhat okay throughout the evening (with toddlers, there is no such word as behaving extremely well, I guess! hehe.), but yes, they allowed the mummies to chat freely and did their own things without needing much supervision – and that’s good enough for all of us!

And this weekend, another baby shower to attend… with the theme being ‘Something B’, what should I be wearing? Hmmm…

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My Boy, His Language


I am now very concerned on Imtiyaz’s command of language. Little that I know, sending him to school at the age of 2 (which was something I had to do due to multiple maid’s issue), is making him only conversant in 1 language for now. No, I am not worried with the chinese ‘twang’, of course. I could live with that, although I do try to restrict him from the usage of extra ‘accessories’ to his sentences sometimes.

I’ve always thought he could at least understand, even if he doesn’t respond. I am sure the Malay staffs at his school still speaks to him in BM. And at home, we use both languages, of course. In fact, both Mr. Hubs and I don’t speak English to each other anyway. (except for several odd needs like, errr… bergaduh laki bini? hehe)

But I guess I’ve been somewhat wrong.

At a shop last few days, the shop helper was fussing over him, and asked,

Nama sapa?


Umur berapa ni?

My daddy go to work.

That’s one example.

And yesterday, he used the word ‘basah’ when he spilled water, so I asked,

What is ‘basah’?


What is ‘ikan’?


He must’ve thought I was talking about makan. It rhymes with ikan of course.

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Good Readings

Just reading this blog pause to reflect I am in awe – there’s just so much to learn from her!

Have a good 3-day weekend peeps… hope a quiet time alone or at the mosque to offer your salawah for Prophet Muhammad S.A.W’s birthday this Monday is in the agenda! 🙂

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The Not-So-Normal Routine, until now…

It feels weird not having Mr. Hubs around for 2 whole weeks this time. Because he hasn’t been away for quite some time, I have gotten used to having him around most of the time.

But yes, I know with his new job, I’d have to get used to the constant traveling (as per say). The boy too, this morning, just before he climbed into the car, said :

I go to school, and then say goodbye to Mummy. Cannot say goodbye to Daddy, because… Daddy’s not here!

*Note the term Mummy & Daddy? He automatically switches to Mummy & Daddy whenever he talks about school, and when he steps into the school ground.

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