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Fuang! and be healed…

I’m not sure if this only runs in my family, but usually when any of the kids bumped their heads, or fell, or had itchy mosquito bites, and comes running to any of the adults and complain,

Tatitttt…! (that’s sakit, the Imtiyaz way of talking)

We, the adults, would do an act of blowing while uttering the word,


… and poof! The pain is gone… psychologically, of course! And the kids would run off happily ‘healed’ by the magic word.

I didn’t know it had a great psycho effect on the kids, until recently.

Imtiyaz complained ‘tatittt’ and looking at it, I forgot the magic word, and told him I’d get some ointment to rub on.

And he went,

Mama… FUANG me!

Errr… any of you have been fuang-ing or been fuang-ed before? 🙂


January 30, 2009 at 4:55 pm 7 comments

Bandung in a Nutshell


Horseback riding at Mt. Tangkuban Perahu which the kids enjoyed so much


The huge crater of Mt. Tangkuban Perahu which reminds me a little of Iceland


Fahd proud of his strawberries


At Kavling Strawberry Park


The dads fooling around while choosing our 'hut' at the gorgeous Kg. Daun Restaurant




The 2 Bens love each other so much! 😛


Yummy food!


Unique presentation


This was mine - ayam goreng bumbu bali is the name?!


Side view


Don't remember the name


Forgive my memory...


The waiters must be really fit to carry food all the way up to all the huts!

I’ll let the photos do the talking! 😉

A superb vacation – will definitely go there again! We had a great supir (driver) the whole time we were there to bring us around, stayed at a really nice 2-bedroom apartment, experienced wonderful local food at equally gorgeous restaurants, the kids had fun horseback riding and strawberry picking… and yes, the shopping was marvellous! I love their local products (simple, yet elegant long-sleeved tops and knee-length dresses made of lovely stretchable cotton material), the factory outlets filled with known brands, and of course, the first class service from the sales person themselves! 🙂

I also came up with something whilst I was there, seeing the beggars on the road, with torn clothes. Instead of going with an extra empty bag (I purposely brought only 1 change of clothes), I plan to bring some of my unworn, still-good-condition clothes and just hand over to the supir to distribute them to whoever he wants!

A simple gesture that could mean so much to them, don’t you think? 🙂

January 28, 2009 at 1:51 pm 13 comments


As much as we enjoyed the trip last week, we received this heart-wrenching news on our 2nd day there :

Perginya seorang sahabat, saudara dan pejuang

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I’ll be away…


Notice another 2 'budak bogels' in the photo? 😉

… on vacation to Bang-Downg (as how Imtiyaz pronounces it) tomorrow.

Makes it sound like a place in China, don’t you think?! Hehe.

January 20, 2009 at 4:14 pm 4 comments

The Boy and Wheels

The bike he got since he was 1, because he's too big for a tricycle and the likes.

The bike he got since he was 1, because he's too big for a tricycle and the likes of it.


These days, mum picks Imtiyaz home from school a little bit early than the time I would pick him up. Just so that he has enough time to have dinner and freshen up.

The other day, mum laughingly told me he climbed into the car, and confidently asked,

Can I drive?


Mr. Hubs got his bicycle when he was just 1, and he wasn’t too keen on it. Until recently.

Just because Ben Tennyson from Ben 10 was spotted riding a bicycle too! 😛


At the park last weekend, a group of adults & children were having rollerblades lesson just next to the playground.

Suddenly, I caught Imtiyaz ‘gliding’ weirdly on his foot, and entered the rink, going in circles around the tiny cones of obstacles they’ve prepared for the trainees. Luckily the trainees are already quite trained, so no one actually glided over him with actual wheels!

But you can guess the questions he kept pestering me with, the whole day!

Mama, can I go rollerblade class?

Mama, I wanna go Siti’s house get the rollerblades… (I told him I have my k2 blades at mum’s place. Paid only 5 pounds for an almost new pair back then! How cool is that? ;))

I just hope mum haven’t thrown them out… *yikes!*

January 19, 2009 at 12:28 pm 4 comments

Suamiku, Kasut dan KLCC


the link between the 3?

Mr. Hubs’ shoes has been stolen TWICE at Masjid KLCC during Friday prayers.

… and today, Mr. Hubs’ shoes tercabut while at Traders Hotel, so he had to practically ‘mengesot’ to last the whole day.

My assumption?

I like to think it happened because he ALMOST ALWAYS buy shoes and shoes and shoes alone, and don’t really stock up on other necessities (with exception to wrist watches, I guess).

I did mention we must have a little bit of ‘balance’ in whichever aspect of life (including shopping for ownself), right Mr. Hubs?

As Imtiyaz would animatedly say,

I TOLD you so, Babah!

January 15, 2009 at 6:06 pm 14 comments

Love Ownself


... as much as I love this little guy ...

I watched the Oprah show –  the episode where people would guess one’s actual age. And most of them are single mums, age guessed were all an extra 10 years, at least.

Reason : Too busy taking care of other people, they don’t have much time for themselves.

And the transformation made with some liposuction, lasik surgery, dental fix, hairdo, new clothes & a little touch of make-up was amazing! Minus the liposuction, lasik and dental fix which not everyone can afford, I’m sure all the rest are not too hard to apply.

I sure am glad I watched it!

I can very much understand their time constraint. Even me, with a husband to help around with house work, and taking care of the little one too, sometimes feels helpless. What with having to work in the office, and return home with more work to do.

But I am taking baby steps. Gym during lunch, monthly facial, massage, run in the park with the boys whenever I can, even just following Imtiyaz’s pace at doing things – five minutes to get to the door, five minutes to walk to the car, five minutes to climb up the car seat and buckle up… five minutes to turn off the tv, another “yast(last) 5 minutes, mama” to turn off the tv…

He’s not slow. He’s just taking his time, and taking in whatever he can take along the way.

That’s one thing I need to learn from him – To relax. To slow down. To stop and smell the flowers. To appreciate.

For all you know, that might just slow down the aging process! 🙂

January 12, 2009 at 3:12 pm 14 comments

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