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December Wedding


Sharifah Nurul Huda waiting to be wed... she was extremely calm! 🙂

1 wedding done, another wedding to go… both in Penang! Surprisingly, last weekend’s traffic was fine. I can’t bear to think about this weekend though.

Imtiyaz was using my camera until the battery was out, so I couldn’t snap the photo of my cousin’s gorgeous deep turqoise + chocolate brown empire-waist wedding dress! The total look was divine, with simple but outstanding indian-like beadworks. Both my sis and I were eyeing the dress and plan to have one for ourselves – minus the heavy beadworks of course! 😉

Last December 25th also marks my 5th wedding anniversary. I have been blessed all these years with everything one could ever wish for, I just can’t ask for more.

Thank you so much (to Mr Hubs) for everything, and please just know that I love you more than words can say, more than I’ve ever mentioned or showed. (I know I can be such a pain!)

… and thank you so much for the pink bling bling in the equally lovely black & gold box! Love it! 🙂


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Holiday Season


My colleagues trying to figure out where their gifts are, but looking more like wanting to steal...

I had to miss the christmas party at boss’ house last night, because both me & hubs weren’t feeling too well. So I still haven’t gotten my gift from the gift exchange thingy we had (because the gift is with a colleague who is on sick leave today), so I can’t speculate who it is from. 🙂

But I like the idea of gift exchange, no matter how much the value is. The speculation of who the gift is from is so much fun, and makes really good lunch conversation! There’s even a pack of chupa chups lollipop dedicated to ‘Lunch Team’ with our names on it, and yet we are not sure whether it is from one of us, or someone outside the group. 😉

Today we received a fleece jacket & a laptop sleeve from the company. Christmas gift, I reckon. We received a really huge luggage last year (which became hubs favourite luggage to dump in his safety boots & other tools for offshore assignments). The jacket would be more useful if we had it before the Iceland trip though. But nevertheless,

THANK YOU company!

I have 2 weddings to attend in Penang, 2 weeks in a row, starting this weekend. As much as I am looking forward to the wedding, I don’t quite like the idea of travelling during the holiday season. Too much stress involved!

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

December 23, 2008 at 1:44 pm 6 comments

Family trip pleaseee…


Can you see whose faces are plastered all over?

After the few business trips since May this year, I am now very much looking forward to the family trip planned for January 2009.

A very much needed break for all of us, and a wonderful opening to the new year, InsyaAllah…

More volcanoes, hot springs & hard-core shopping for me..!

December 15, 2008 at 4:58 pm 9 comments

Baby Shower


… for the next mummy due! Hope everything will be smooth sailing Raz, and hope you like the gift! Can’t wait for Baby Ar****’s arrival! (special credit to Arianna who exposed the proposed baby name! hehe…)

Thanks Nor, for organizing… we sure enjoyed the funny ‘english tests’ games! All of us would need to brush up on our english and nursery rhymes kan? 🙂

December 15, 2008 at 10:57 am 3 comments

I am counting the minutes…

to be home sweet home!

I need the extra sleep. I need the very much missed hugs and kisses from the boys.

I almost got a shock and thought I had found the greatest bargain in the world, at a duty free shop just a moment ago, when a Gucci handbag costs a little more than a million rupiah.

It wasn’t authentic obviously.  At an airport too! Go figure!

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Mbak menulis…

The pool which I didn't even get a closer view...

The pool which I didn't even manage to walk by...

The suite felt too big to stay in alone...

The suite felt too big to stay in alone...

The christmas carollers at Pondok Indah Mall

The christmas carollers at Pondok Indah Mall

…dari Jakarta! That’s what the people at C*****P******* Jakarta call me. 😛

Today is the first day I decided to have some me time. Started off with a cream bath where my hair is washed, and my back & shoulders are given a really good massage. I’ve fallen in love with creambaths since the first time I came here. I had pedicures done too, just pedicure because they are closing, and I didn’t have time for a manicure. Maybe tomorrow.

Then I had an aromatherapy massage in the comfort of my room, followed with dinner of seafood fettucini and buffalo wings. After this, I think I should soak myself in the tub with epsom salts brought from home. Bliss!

I made this trip sound like a much sought-after vacation! I haven’t started on waking up at 5am and heading to the client’s office at 7am you know…

Since the hotel I’m staying is around Pondok Indah, the nearest shopping mall is the Pondok Indah Mall. I love, love, love shopping malls in Jakarta because they are hardly crowded, and their customer service (not only at malls, but almost everywhere) is always superb. A simple greeting and a sincere smile is so much better than being greeted with a few pairs of eyes checking out what you are wearing, and whether you can afford paying, really!

And my attempt to hunt for a decent black leather bag failed, yet again! I kept being drawn to other colours, as always! and I am so in love with a grey and beige leather longchamp handbags I saw yesterday. But since it just won’t solve my problem of not having a proper black handbag to lug around… maybe I won’t. Maybe I would. Urgh. The usual problem when it comes to treating myself. 😛

Pardon me now, I need to go take my bath & retire for tonight. Can’t wait to be back! 🙂

December 10, 2008 at 10:39 pm 5 comments

Another end to a week…

Another Friday, and I don’t feel well at all, just so suddenly… a little feverish, the throat starts to feel weird, etcetera…

I am looking forward to this not-so-long weekend. To have my chiropractor session (because my coccyx area is painful after the long travel), and to just spend time with the boys. The last weekend has been busy, but we sure did enjoy ourselves, didn’t we girls? 😉 At this age, and with active growing up child(ren), nothing beats play-dates, where the mom (and dad) can just sit back and watch the kids play. Next, let’s bring the kids to TTDI Park ok?

All the kids must get a chance to blow the candles...

All the kids must get a chance to blow the candles...

They were there...

They were there...

A hairy dolphin to ride on...

A hairy dolphin to ride on...

Adam obviously had fun...

Adam obviously had fun...


Adib just waiting for the right time to shoot the main target - Uncle Tajul 😛

Happy 5th birthday Julia... hope you had fun!

Happy 5th birthday Julia... hope you had fun!

The kids posing for another camera...

The kids posing for another camera...

The 'hot' dads...

The 'hot' dads...

Lifeguard on duty?

Lifeguard on duty?

I am glad we managed to celebrate the 3 birthday peeps (+1 who was there on and off) on that very day too. Jq had an early celebration, Imtiyaz is done with his 3rd series of celebration (at last!), Dydd, who is a little late on joining the 30s club (and the one who received the smallest cake),  and my sis, whose birthday is on the day itself but only managed to make an on and off appearance.

Hope all of you will have a wonderful life ahead of you, and will be in the very best of health always!

We also managed to squeeze in time to visit beautiful Baby Rania just the day before.

So. This week is almost over.

Next week, I’ll be in Jakarta. I am sooo gonna miss the boys! *sob*

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha!

December 5, 2008 at 11:01 am 1 comment

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