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The Simple Things

It’s wonderful when you can have the weekend all to yourself isn’t it? Something which doesn’t happen always these days.

I brought Imtiyaz to the zoo on Saturday, something which he’s been requesting for a few weeks already. And it’s only been months after the Singapore Zoo trip!

So there was I, visiting my favourite Orang Utan, and an elephant named Siti who was born in 1978 too! Imtiyaz was of course, requested to see his favourite lions and tigers, and elephants and giraffes. And err… the lions somehow got horny in the middle of the afternoon, and had to do ‘it’ there and then. My sis had a tough time answering to Adam’s questions after that! Hihihi…

Food at the zoo was ridiculously overpriced though. A simple ice cream in a cup (which was extremely plain to taste) and a Wall’s Cornetto can easily cost you RM4, and a simple burger costs RM3.50 each. Logically, when there’s volume, the price should be lower, no?

Sunday morning’s visit to TTDI Park will definitely be repeated! Imtiyaz had a lovely time playing in the stream, burying his toy cars in the sand, and imagining his newly acquired twig is a moving boat. It was almost impossible to get him moving to go home, and if it wasn’t for another load of washer & dryer to run, I too, would just love to stay there!

A lovely weekend, and I felt rejuvenated by just doing the simple things!


August 25, 2008 at 10:28 am 8 comments

The way he wears it…

One very enthusiastic Spiderman, and one Spiderman who has a new toy left in the car, and just can’t stop thinking about it – explains the moodiness, and the mind-wandering-elsewhere attitude at Arianna’s wonderful party last weekend.

Anyway, notice how he wears his Crocs? One strap to the front, and one to the back – the way he likes it now. Stylo, or what?

And don’t you dare change the order of those straps, because the after-effect would be ugly.

Trust me. Been there, done that.

August 22, 2008 at 1:00 pm 4 comments


The  WHYs have started and it’s on full mode straightaway.

Why is there spider web in the water? (referring to the fish pond at Raz’s parents’ house)

Why the birds cannot fly? (when he sees birds not flying)

Why is the elephant sad? (while watching Animal Planet)

Why this, why that… this is going to be a VERY interesting phase, I’m sure! 😉

August 19, 2008 at 9:54 am 7 comments

It’s the School Holidays

when in 2 days u’d get invited to an engagement, an aqiqah, a birthday party…

but actually, there seems to be parties and such, anytime, even when it’s not the school holidays…

because I can’t remember the last weekend I had all to myself!

Have a great weekend!

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The Week

I am back from Kerteh and the ride on flight Beech 1900D was not bad at all. Imtiyaz was waiting for me when I arrived, and created a scene, wailing, wanting to go on an aeroplane there and then.

Anyway, I have gotten my official police report and have to wait for the office manager to come back from his vacation in another 2 weeks’ time to settle on claims for the laptop.

and now, I am just surfing the internet with Imtiyaz’s laptop (he claims it his), doing god-knows-what, until I get a temporary laptop to work on tomorrow.

Care for a chat anyone? 😉


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Things Just So Happen…

I am currently at the Kerteh airport, having my lunch break before the next workshop starts…

And as the title goes, the trip to Penang was cut short to a day. We were just getting ready for bed when mom received a phone call from my brother, saying that the house was broken in. He was out for a wedding dinner that night, and mom was with us.

Someone must have been watching very closely for the last few days.

Among the things stolen were my office laptop (together with my Samsonite laptop backpack! Boohoohoo..!), a diamond+aquamarine bangle from hubs on my wedding day (sad isn’t it?), some of mom’s jewelleries, leather handbags, a camcorder and also some foreign currencies.

Good thing our passports were not taken, and weird thing was, some of the Saudi Riyals mom had together with other currencies were not taken.

Orang jahat taknak gi Mekah kot! 😉


August 11, 2008 at 1:19 pm 8 comments


I will be practically everywhere until Monday. Driving up North tonight to Penang, and attending a wedding in Kedah on Saturday.

Will be back in KL on Sunday.

Monday morning flying to Kerteh for a day visit, and expected to be back in KL again by 5.30 pm.

I hope my back can endure the long drive up North and back, though very much looking forward to the yummy kampung-style kenduri dishes and kopi-o kaw in Dad’s kampung.

Also Grandma’s murtabak, and the daging bakar (also squids, fish, crabs bakar) at Kepala Batas, and the cucur udang too! Oh dear, this trip will be all about food!

Yesterday morning and evening’s horrible traffic jam already contributed some pain to my coccyx! Boohoohoo…!  

Have a nice weekend!


August 8, 2008 at 11:37 am 2 comments

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