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The Bodyguard

This morning, I saw something which I’ve never seen before – while dropping off Imtiyaz at school.

A man got out of the car in front of me, dressed formally in shirt and trousers, with a walkie-talkie in hand. Then a child came out and walked straight to the school’s entrance with the guy following him/her close (I couldn’t see clearly because the walkie-talkie guy was blocking my view).

After making sure the child has entered the school safely, the man gave a thumbs up sign to the driver of the car, nodded his head a bit, got back in, and they drove off.

My first thought :

Anak sapa la tu?


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Accident Scare

Last night, I was on the MRR2 on the way from my in-laws’ place to my mom’s. I stay at mom’s most of the time, whenever hubs away.

It was drizzling and naturally, the road was slippery. The car in front of me suddenly skidded at a slightly bent corner, and for a minute I thought the car managed to drive away unaffected.

But no, maybe the driver panicked, or maybe the car was small and couldn’t maintain its balance. It stopped and blocked almost half of the right lane. I was just glad I maintained my distance at that time, and the middle lane was clear which allowed me to straightaway swerve to the left.

I was thankful too Imtiyaz was strapped safely in his booster seat, and wasn’t asking for this and that at the time it happened. Or the situation could have been worse.

I thank Allah for keeping us safe last night.

June 30, 2008 at 10:02 am 2 comments

Friday, yeay!


With hubby away since yesterday (until next Friday probably) , I usually will not have much planned for the weekend. But this time I’ve got plans with my sister-in-law, to show her shops, stuffs, etc for her upcoming engagement.

Hoping to get some quiet time curled up with one (or two) good books too!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

June 27, 2008 at 10:51 am 3 comments

Blog Layout

As much as I was trying to change the layout of this blog, I always end up with white.

Clean. Serene. Simple.

So what was I thinking spending time to look for images just to spice it up just now?

June 26, 2008 at 4:57 pm 3 comments

Thursday Entry


Remember the colleague I blogged about. Well, he’s gone now – told to leave. Didn’t want to ask much, but I assumed that. I hope he’s happier elsewhere now.

I stayed at mom’s last night, and Imtiyaz, as all cucus with neneks, tend to act a little manja. He insisted mom to send him to school instead, and said not once, but a few times, just to make it clear.

I want to stay here with Siti.

You go half day today. Siti will pick you up from school at 1. Let’s go!

I don’t want Mama.

I walked in front of him without responding, while he waited for his Siti to get the car keys and such.

The he shouted again.

Mama! I don’t want mama. Siti send me.


He paused and looked at me a little weird. I bet he was waiting for some drama to happen this morning.

I guess he is now in the stage of challenging people around him with his antics, and see if he can get away with it. Most of the time, one will receive a negative response.

For instance,

Every morning while in the car, since it’s a long way from the apartment to his school, I would give him something to eat. And once, he ate bit by bit in a funny way, so I commented,

Imtiyaz, you eat like a squirrel.

No, eat like cockroach.

So you see, as long as he has a No answer, he’s happy. I don’t even know how a cockroach eats!

As for me, as long as he’s responsive, I am happy. 🙂

June 26, 2008 at 9:39 am 6 comments

He Made My Day

Imtiyaz never fails to make a good start to my day whenever he goes out of the car smiling, and waiving goodbye – for school.

I hope he does that more often from now on. He will, however, refuse to greet good morning to his teacher with a firm “No, I don’t wanna say Good Morning to teacher” whenever I casually tell him to, just before arriving. And he did just that.

Lately, he has been asking to go to the zoo again. The last visit was to the Singapore Zoo last March. Maybe I should plan a visit to the Malacca Zoo next. Or Taiping. Or maybe the Hulu Klang Zoo again. The nearest! 🙂

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The Phone Call

Last night, mom called while I was getting ready for bed. It was the first time mom called me at night – ever since we stayed permanently at the apartment, so I was a little bit nervous. What if she’s not feeling well, or something happened. Me, the worrier. Can’t help it, eventhough I did see her just a few hours before, after picking up Imtiyaz from school.

The story was, my sister’s first bibik (worked with her when Adam was born, 5 years ago) called mom at home. Telling she has been working in Kajang for the last 4 years, and wanting to know whether I (yes, she mentioned me!) would want her to work when her contract expires in January 2009!

My, my… with all the bad lucks I’ve had with maids so far, I am in shock one would suddenly throw herself at me!

Anyway, the maid’s performance was superb when she worked with my sister back then. The only reason her service was discontinued was because towards the end of the 2-year-contract, she misbehaved a little. Maybe not so little. Maybe it was more. She did offer to work for me since back then, but I refused with advice from sister. And I haven’t had Imtiyaz yet, so there wasn’t a desperate need for help from a maid.

Then all the bad luck with maids began. I claimed terkena sumpahan Bibik Munah.

My sister got herself another maid, also as good as her previous.

You see how my sister’s luck with maid is wayyyy much better than mine? I think you took all my luck away la sis…

So now. I am considering, but a lot of things need to be clarified. The process, the maid herself after all these years. (kot-kotla dah tak larat ke kan…)

We’ll see. Maybe my luck with maids is about to change. *grins*

June 20, 2008 at 12:39 pm 5 comments

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