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March 10, 2010 at 5:43 pm 3 comments

Selamat Pengantin Baru

This morning, I walked into the office in my jeans and very normal top and the first voice I heard commented I looked like a Datin. Hahaha. In this new age, the very word of Datin must have reflected understated elegance rather than being OTT like what most of us have in mind all these while. Oh-well, if it is understated elegance, then I take it as a compliment. If it’s OTT, something I always tell my mum not to (dressing-wise), I don’t know what to wear already to this ultra-casual office. 😀

Oooppss…! Lari topik pulak. Anyway, this Friday my closest sister-in-law is getting married to her boyfriend of 10 years. Or was that few years ago you mentioned 10 years, Wani? Hehe. Yes, the relationship is THAT long. And within these few years, I’ve lent my ears to her rumbles, complaints, happiness, disappointment, etc. Things were not so easy for her as most of the time there are bumps and hurdles along the way.

But she and her now fiance, managed, and I am truly happy for both of them. Just remember sis, whatever you do, whatever that may interfere in the future, they’re just God’s way to test you, and God would always want you to consult Him to overcome it all. Take care, and I hope you’ll be the best wife for your husband!

Can’t wait! (walaupun masih tak berjaya menghubungi tukang jahit beads bajuku. Tak ‘Datin’ la I nanti 😉)


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p.s. Nasib baik zaman sekarang datin muda-muda remaja. Takde la I terasa tua. Nyeh nyeh.

March 10, 2010 at 10:58 am 1 comment

Bazaar in London

Yes Bazaar Black 

I know the bazaar’s not here, but if you happen to be in London at that time, why not drop by ok?

I’m doing this for a friend who will be selling off some stuffs especially clothes, toys, games, even some still very pretty and dainty shoes of her l’il girl. You can expect high end labels like Armani, Ralph Lauren, Richmond Jr to mid range Esprit, Mexx, Monsoon, Zara and Gap from her.

How I wish I’m in London now! (not for the bazaar alone, of course!)


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March 9, 2010 at 11:06 am Leave a comment

Easy Mind

These days, I prefer not to be alone so much. Alone means having more time to think. And the mind wanders, sometimes beyond what needs to be wandered.

And I’ve learnt that not all that your mind wander should be spoken out, no matter how innocent you may think it is. Just because your mind does not reflect someone else’s, and the possibility is high to be translated too differently.

I know I am getting to where I want to, and to get to it is never easy – the ease of mind.

Have a nice weekend y’all! I know I would!


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p.s. A blurry photo of me and a colleague from last week’s lunch; the only latest one I have. Thought it has been some time since I last posted a pic. 😉

March 5, 2010 at 11:15 am 3 comments



I’m not sure about you, but I consider myself on the ‘hairy’ side, thus I do have to do the necessary to make myself hair-less at *ehem* certain parts of my body.

I’ve waxed, shaved, threaded, tweezed… and the thing about waxing and threading is you can’t get it done at the comfort of your own home. Yes, you can do waxing at home, but it takes some effort and not as effective as getting it done at the salon. How effective can it be when at every stroke you’d cringe and decided not to pull the wax strips properly to avoid the pain? And yes, I usually get the itchy after-effect that usually lasts several days too.

Shaving is much easier, but the hair that grows back won’t be as fine as when you waxed or tweezed. Or so they say.

And tweezing the underarms really gives you neck pain, no? 😀

So a few months ago I decided to invest in an epilator, as above. That’s the exact model I bought. It can be used in the shower, cordless and is rechargeable. A little bit on the pricey side compare to other epilators, but I do think the cordless and rechargeable features are essential.

The verdict? You still need to cringe every time you epilate but you’d get used to it. After several attempts, the pain is not as bad as the previous (maybe because the hair that grows back is finer already).  Sometimes the epilation won’t be as smooth because it really depends on how long your hair is at the time, and I am still on a trial and error mode as when is the best time to epilate. But most of the time, it does its job well, and I am one satisfied customer. The best part is you can do it anytime, and if you’re like me who needs to really plan time to go to the salon, it’s really a heaven-sent!

Now I only need to visit the salon for threading of my eyebrows and upper lips, which does not need frequent visits at all!


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p.s. I still need courage to epilate the bikini line though. Ouch!

March 3, 2010 at 10:52 am 9 comments

The Summary

Let’s just summarize this time :

I’m on a 5-days detox with only fruits & vege, the USANA nutrimeal, with loads of water. It’s only my 2nd day, and I hope the day will go by quicker. Haha. Am actually chanting to myself I’ve been eating all my life, 5 days should be OK.

Mr. Hubs is away again for 2 days, and not too far this time.

Imtiyaz is now in his lazy-to-go-to-school mode. Will ask what day is it every single day, followed with the same line, “must go to school?” everytime.

We finally managed to have a taste of the yummylicious satay at Satay Station last weekend, after several failed attempts (tutupla, kuah habisla, etc.). Went to the branch at Mont Kiara, and true enough the satays were delicious!

I had my first 100 balls at the driving range last weekend and that made me several shades darker already. Can’t imagine myself in the course!

Went to Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2010 at Kompleks Kraf, Jalan Conlay last weekend, and did some damage to my wallet again. But of course, the batiks (especially the pareos & kaftans) were much cheaper than outside, so why not?

My sister in law’s getting married in 10 days time, and I’m still not sure which baju to wear on which day. Funny thing is, I still can’t contact the person doing the beadworks for my top until today, so am not sure if it will be ready in time. I definitely need backup!

Mr. Hubs said I should treat myself to nasi lemak after 5 days detoxifying myself. Maybe I would. 😉

Will be having 2 potential buyers to view the apartment this weekend.

I had my first taste of yee sang at a colleague’s farewell lunch last week, and I kinda like it.

I am craving for mendy rice with lamb/chicken at Al-Diafah right now.


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p.s. This time I really can’t wait for the weekend!

March 2, 2010 at 12:41 pm 7 comments

I love Thursday

Just because it’s another 3-day weekend! And there will be no more public holidays until 30th April *gasp* (that’s because my company gives Friday off if a public holiday falls on a Saturday).

Don’t you feel if you get 3 days off only you get things done accordingly? Like the first 2 days to settle stuffs, some leisure time with family, visits to parents/in laws, endless birthday parties, weddings to attend, grocery shopping, etc. If you’re lucky you can squeeze in some private ‘we’ time with your other half. Forget about ‘me’ time for me though, I usually have to squeeze it in on work days!

Ouh. In between all the above, you still have to load your washer and dryer at least 3 times per weekend. I’ve actually given up ironing arrays of clothes and be spoilt for choice – now it’s only what we’d be wearing the next day.

After all is done, then you get the other extra 1 day just to lounge around at home, get some proper cooking done and maybe watch DVDs together. And because both my boys are such early risers, don’t ask me about sleeping in on weekends – I consider myself lucky if I’m able to sleep without interruption until at least 7.30am. Still, that’s considered a luxury, considering I have to be ready by 6.30am on workdays!

No, I’m not complaining. As long as we get to do things together.


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February 25, 2010 at 11:00 am 5 comments

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